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What Makes a Good Health Coach? (Part 4)

Another fundamental quality of a health coach is the integrity to keep all information about the client confidential. The coach/client relationship is based on trust and the client must be sure that the coach can be trusted with private matters.


What Makes a Good Health Coach? (Part 3)

The wellness coach has to leave his personal opinions out of the coaching session. The coach needs to be completely non-judgmental. The wellness coach absolutely should not judge his/her client based on his personal standards or opinions. Much of a coach’s training will be on how to be aware of this and to have the self control to NOT allow his personal opinions to be communicated.

What Makes a Good Health Coach? (Part 2)

Another quality that is related to empathetic communication is to really listen, actually to listen effectively. A healthcoach needs to be trained to listen effectively since people vary in their communication skills. Some clients may express themselves clearly while others may not. A coach needs to be aware of the different needs of his/her client base and how the coach/client communication and listening skills affect the interaction.


What Makes a Good Health Coach? (Part 1)

There are of course many qualities that make a person a good health coach. While it certainly makes sense for someone already in the health and wellness industry, it is not necessarily a requirement to become a health coach.


This is the first of several posts which discusses some of the basic qualities of what makes a person a good health or wellness coach, regardless of his/her background.


One such quality is the ability to empathetically communicate with people. Empathetic communication will encourage the client to accept you as a trusted health coach. What this means is that the health coach can identify with the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of his client. Using empathy may lead to an improved relationship between the health coach and client.

Article on company wellness programs

“Cost-conscious companies re-evaluate wellness programs”


“Companies, desperate to slice fat from their budgets during this recession, increasingly are targeting workplace wellness programs.  “

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Testimonial from a Health Coach who completed our training!

“The HealthCoach Training Program was very empowering, freeing and life changing for me. Even my voice highly improved this year. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for everything!”

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Coaching Tools

Coaching uses many tools to teach people how to become successful on their own. This works for all types of coaching situations. Some people are able to employ a coach for a short amount of time and learn how to achieve their own goals. Other individuals need the help of a coach on a regular basis.

People who hire coaches usually gain the confidence they need to become successful on their own. This doesn’t always mean success in a financial gain sort of way. These individuals can benefit from the coaching tools used to help them become successful at life itself. They are able to become more focused on what they want and how they want to attain it. Coaches are able to open a person’s eyes to what is already around him/her. Sometimes this is all it takes for a person to realize that he/she had the answers all along.