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Health Coaching as a Value Add to your Existing Business

Health coaching can be used as a way to add value to an existing business. For example, if you market health and wellness products or you are personal fitness instructor or chiropractor, etc., health coaching can help you generate leads, build relationships and add overall value to your existing business.


As you work with your clients, you can offer additional services to target their specific needs.   For example, if you are a fitness instructor, your health coaching services may be to set goals with your clients to improve their exercise routine outside of your hours spent together.


Job Requirements for a Health Coach

Below is what I found when I did a search on job requirements for a Health Coach.

This shows a “real life” discription of what a Health Coach does.

“The Health Coach is responsible for delivering prevention/lifestyle intervention services to reduce risks for chronic disease using behavior change theories and motivational interviewing techniques via telephonic counseling to high risk clientele. Focus areas include: nutrition, physical activity, weight management, stress, diabetes, and tobacco cessation.”

Is Certified Health Coach Training in Your Future?

Undergoing a certified health coach training program can be very rewarding. There are many things in store for you if you decide to pursue the health and wellness industry as a health coach but before anything else, you have to know what a health coach exactly is, what his responsibilities are and what is expected of a good and health and wellness coach.

A health coach is someone who is tasked to help people in efficiently managing their health conditions and even some illnesses.    Most of these conditions are chronic and are hard to handle. When you are a health coach, you are expected to guide your client in properly addressing and discovering their own strength to deal with lifestyle and behavior changes.  You are not  tasked with diagnosing an illness or becoming a substitute for a physician’s care.

A good wellness coach undergoes certified health coach training which provides a framework which they can use to assist their clients in identifying issues, concerns and problems. These issues are often hindrances that stop the client from taking full responsibility of different lifestyle and health changes that he or she should do to achieve wellness goals.

What Makes a Good Health Coach? (Part 5)

In addition, the coach still must be somewhat of a mentor, guidance counselor and cheerleader all wrapped up in one! The health coach should allow the client some flexibility in the agenda of each session, but the coach should also guide the session conversation so that it is an effective one. The client sets his/her own goals, again with the guidance from the coach. The coach may challenge the client a bit if the goals are too vague or too big. In the latter case, the coach may suggest smaller “bite size” goals so that the client has a better chance of reaching those goals. Of course, all successes are celebrated.


In summary, there are many qualities that a health coach should have and there are also many roles that he/she has. Each coaching relationship will be different and the wellness coach will need to be a bit flexible. A coaching relationship can in some cases grow into a life-long friendship as well.