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A Testimonial

Below is a testimonial for one of our Health Coaches:


“I want to let you know how much I have appreciated being part of the Health Coach Training Program! The content was beyond my expectations – including Attraction Marketing as well as very comprehensive information about Coaching. Although I have gained much knowledge, I believe that it is my personal experience that has been impacted most profoundly. I have learned to listen more attentively, have more compassion and empathy, as well as to communicate more effectively as a result of the coaching training. I believe that I am a more well rounded individual as a result of this experience! This program is well worth the cost and the time commitment!! My thanks to you for making this experience possible!”


Dr. Mehmet Oz Tells the US Senate We Need Health Coaches.

In a CNN interview, Dr. Mehmet Oz reported that health coaches should be a part of every public clinic, medical office and hospital wellness center and should be reimbursed by insurance companies & corporate wellness programs.


Article on company wellness programs

“Cost-conscious companies re-evaluate wellness programs”


“Companies, desperate to slice fat from their budgets during this recession, increasingly are targeting workplace wellness programs.  “

Continued, review full article here:

Coaching Tools

Coaching uses many tools to teach people how to become successful on their own. This works for all types of coaching situations. Some people are able to employ a coach for a short amount of time and learn how to achieve their own goals. Other individuals need the help of a coach on a regular basis.

People who hire coaches usually gain the confidence they need to become successful on their own. This doesn’t always mean success in a financial gain sort of way. These individuals can benefit from the coaching tools used to help them become successful at life itself. They are able to become more focused on what they want and how they want to attain it. Coaches are able to open a person’s eyes to what is already around him/her. Sometimes this is all it takes for a person to realize that he/she had the answers all along.

Personal Coaches Are Excellent At Helping People Achieve Their Goals In Life

Determining what your goals are in life can be a challenge at times. Personal coaches are just the individuals who can help with this dilemma. Coaching is the act of guiding someone through steps that need to be taken to achieve some type of goal or to improve on a sort of skill. A personal coach does this on a personal level. This individual is able to work one-on-one with people who need help finding out what their purpose in life is. 96 percent of the people who employ a life coach achieve personal success in goal seeking.


Personal coaches are what some people need to realize how good of a person they truly are. Many people feel they aren’t able to become successful on their own, due to low self-esteem, lack of passion, and no vision for the future. A personal coach can help people reach goals, attain success, and to let out the inner-self that has been tucked away in storage for so long.


Before a personal coach is taken on, it’s a good idea to find out if this is the right step for you. There are quite a few online sites that encourage people to call and get a consultation for free. This consultation will explain exactly what personal coaching entails, how it will actually work for the person making the call, and any other necessary details. Usually, there are a variety of coaches to choose from at these agencies, which provides plenty of choices for finding the perfect one for you.