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I need a health coach!

I have always been very interested in health issues.  I feel that I lead a healthy lifestyle.  Sure, I could stand to lose a few pounds, but on my 5’8″ frame, I am hardly considered overweight.


So, when I had my routine annual physical and fasting blood work a month ago, I had few worries.


Then, the nurse from the doctor’s office called.  It was a simple enough message; they are happy with my “good cholesterol”, but my “bad cholesterol is a little elevated”.   Ok, I thought to myself…it’s time to take off the extra weight.   But I let the nurse continue with their recommendation.   And this is what she said:  “You know the drill, diet and exercise.  Come back in 3 months for a re-test”.  


That’s IT!!    The extent of their advise to me is that I know the drill.   How dare they?   There was NO additional educational information provided to me.   Do you think they could have thrown a few brochures in the mail to me??  How about referring me to a few websites where I could get appropriate information?   No, nothing at all like that.   Simply “you know the drill”.   

Wouldn’t a better outcome have been “Ann, you probably know all the changes that you need to make, but we recommend the services of a trained health coach to help you set and reach goals to target this specific health condition and get it under control”.

The bottom line is that this is a fundamental problem with our health care system.  We don’t focus on prevention and on intervening before a condition worsens.  No, we wait until the patient needs medication and/or more serious treatment.


Health Coaching along side your Existing Business

 Some people find that health coaching is integrating well with an existing business. Perhaps you are simply looking for a career change, or to supplement your income. Maybe your desire is to improve your own overall health. Regardless of your goal, health coach training can help you reach your goals. And an overwhelming number of our trained health coaches find their work fun, more like play than work.


Health Tip of the Day: 

According to the Rand Institute being obese leads to
pre-mature aging by as much as 20 years.